A fitter, healthier and happier you.



You'll be delighted to discover that access to the professionalism of a personal trainer is not limited to just the rich and famous. Welcome to Carole Bullinger Personal Training, Norfolk!

My personal training service is just that - personal. It is uniquely tailored to your exact needs, and your exclusive personal training sessions are professionally delivered by me in my own private and fully equipped gym in Norfolk. Perfect for anyone looking to improve their fitness without the intimidation of large gyms or superfit humans around them!

For your own safety it is essential that your current fitness level is assessed in order that targets can be set which are achievable. Therefore your initial training session will comprise of a comprehensive fitness assessment.

To discuss your personal training requirements, give me a call on 01692 535111 or email carole@aquatherapynorfolk.com


Personal Training is a programme of physical activity designed specifically for you alone. You have exclusive access to my fully equipped gym, and my professional one-to-one attention, for a course of 6 or 10 sessions.


Personal Training is completely targetted to your needs, so whatever your fitness goal we work together to achieve it. There are no distractions, because it is geared towards your goals. Monitoring your progress is essential to achieving results.


Personal Training can be set at any level, so it is ideal for men and women of all ages and any fitness. You don't have to be fit already to benefit - it's a personal programme to help you get fitter from whatever your starting point.


  • One-to-one personal sessions
  • Exclusive private use of my fully equipped gym
  • Exclusive access to my personal attention and instruction
  • Private initial fitness assessment and consultation
  • Duration and frequency of sessions by agreement to suit your needs
  • Fully bespoke, tailored programme of activity designed for your personal goals
  • Suitable for all age groups from 16 upwards, male and female
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness
  • Can be tailored towards treatment for specific medical conditions

"Carole is so knowledgeable about my knee problems and has been a great help in advising me of the correct exercises. I can't tell you how much the exercises have improved the quality of my life."

B. Hudson

For more information telephone Carole on 01692 535111

or email carole@aquatherapynorfolk.com

Before undertaking any form of physical exercise, you should check specifically with your GP or Health Professional that the form of exercise you are considering is best suited to you and your individual medical condition or requirements.