A fitter, healthier and happier you.



I have been a qualified Personal Trainer since 1993, with a very broad range of experience in many forms of fitness programmes including Circuit Training, Callanetics and Aqua Exercise.

My passion is to help all my clients achieve their personal fitness and well-being goals - regardless of age and existing fitness levels. If you're pretty fit already and looking for help to become superfit I can help you to achieve that. If you're unfit and looking at taking your first steps to a healthier life style (and yes, I know it might be daunting!), that's fine too - I am here to help you.


Would you like to have a fitness assessment with me? Essential for anyone considering a personal training programme, it is also available as an option to anyone interested in taking part in the programmes I offer, or as a one-off service.


It is true that as we age our bodies are more likely to let us down, so it's essential than we retain mobility and flexibility. Many of my clients are of retirement age and find my sessions really helpful. Use your age as an incentive not a barrier!


If you have a specific medical issue that you would like help with, please let me know. I will be very happy to devise a beneficial exercise programme for you to help with your individual needs.

"It has always seemed strange to me that, generally speaking, many people only seek help with their health when something goes wrong. Only then does it dawn on them that it might have been better if they had taken more responsibility for their fitness and future longevity.

Our bodies are remarkable. They are extremely adaptive and will put up with a great deal of misuse and abuse, but there comes a time (usually approaching the age of 60-65 but sometimes earlier) when they begin to self-destruct. At that point it is very much more difficult (but not impossible) to begin an exercise programme which will reverse the damage done.

It is far easier to begin to care about out health earlier in life, and to make the life changes required to safeguard our future health and well-being. Many young people are now 'taking up the gauntlet' and doing just that; researching the best ways to prolong healthy lives and looking at how to age in a healthy and disease-free way.

Take heart though - all is not lost. If you really want to make a difference to your life my programmes of Aqua Therapy, Life Therapy and Personal Training can help you. There really is a programme for everyone.

My ultimate aim is to help people get fitter by overcoming their diseases, injuries, medical conditions, depression, apathy or obesity by using motivation, encouragement, understanding and enthusiasm to change life habits for the better. This is what I have been trained to achieve.

A fitness assessment gives me a huge amount of technical information which allows me to construct a teaching programme and contrary to what you might assume it will not cost you a fortune. Contact me today and we can begin together to build you a healthier and happier future."


"Carole is so good and involved with us all, and caters for many of us with problems of which we would be unable to join other groups."

S. M. Elder

For more information telephone Carole on 01692 535111

Before undertaking any form of physical exercise, you should check specifically with your GP or Health Professional that the form of exercise you are considering is best suited to you and your individual medical condition or requirements.