A fitter, healthier and happier you.



My name is Carole, and I'd like to help you get fitter, healthier and happier.

I am a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer living near Norwich, Norfolk. I have developed three enjoyable exercise programmes to help you get fit, stay active and feel more alive - pool-based Aqua Therapy; holistic-based Life Therapy; and gym-based Personal Training.

All three are suitable for men and women of any age and any fitness level - from the superfit to the not very fit at all. Welcome to my site!


We're all in the pool for this one . . . Aqua Therapy is a very enjoyable session of water-based activities in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere, promoting health, therapy and well-being. The exercise can be made easier or more difficult according to your requirements.

Beneficial, inexpensive and fun!

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Life Therapy is a holistic programme covering exercise, relaxation, diet and lifestyle. It shows you how to better use your valuable time to reduce stress, and how simple changes to what you eat and how you exercise can deliver a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Feel more alive!

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Personal Training is a programme of physical activity designed specifically with you and for you, on an exclusive one-to-one basis. You have private access to my fully equipped gym, and my professional attention for a course of either 6 or 10 sessions.

Your indivdual programme.

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"Carole is an exceptional and patient teacher, and the beauty is that there is no pressure to perform."

J. Porter-Robinson

For more information telephone Carole on 01692 535111